The Grey Hats is a student-led, extracurricular organization focused on real-world training for cyber defense. Membership gives students an outstanding opportunity to learn and apply critical skills, attack and defend systems, and to network with others interested in modern security issues.

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19 Aug 2017 . . Start Of The School Year Comments

Hello everyone!

Since the start of the school year is only a few days away, I just wanted to write a post about our plans for the school semester.

This semester, the club plans to compete in the following competitions:

1) CSAW 2017 September 15-17 2) HACC August 26 (kickoff) 3) NCL Fall 2017 ?

These competitions will be the main ones we focus on (as of right now), but other ones will definitely be done on the side for fun.

We also plan to be more involved in the community by attending more local events...




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